21.02.2009 :

DotBot version 1.13 is released

Added - New web routines to prevent HOF related crashes when submitting/getting data many times
Fixed - Life or health modes when playing in multiplayer mode
Fixed - Load/Save exploit
Changed - Made my own RectFill function to fix crash problems on Mac
Changed - Made my own LineDraw function to fix crash problems on Mac
Changed - Drunk mode removed from kids mode
Changed - Moved the data storage folder (hiscores, options, saves, profiles) to pocmon_data in the user folder
on Mac. NB// In order to keep your saves, profiles, scores etc. you must copy the old files from inside the old program package to the new data folder location. These are pocmon.his, profiles_??.dat, options_??.dat and any SAVEGAME???.dat files. When this is done you should then download and play this new version.

28.07.2008 :

DotBot version 1.12 is released

Added - Sound effect to pill adder laying pills
Fixed - Mouse graphic re-added to package
Fixed - Sound effect on scoreboard switching buttons and keys
Fixed - Start points not saving correctly
Fixed - Crashreportsender (new version added)
Fixed - Crashreportsender looks in correct place now for crash report file (stops multiple window issue on vista)
Fixed - Bombs now work after loading a savegame
Fixed - Sound on main menu buttons on mouseover
Changed - Submit will now only ever submit your top score (used to be top 5 scores)
Changed - Few sound effects
Changed - Now using BASS library for all sound and music

29.04.2008 :

DotBot version 1.10 is released!

Added - Sounds to secret stars
Fixed - Various level issues
Fixed - Bonus score after bonus level 10 stays on max now
Fixed - Corrected number of bonus levels that need to be completed before secret levels are enabled
Fixed - Fruits bonuses keep going up after level 100 now
Fixed - Secret levels now unlock during play when requirements are completed
Fixed - Clicking thru score lists ingame, they now loop around
Changed - A few power pill placements
Changed - Secret markers for 1st secret level (easier)

13.10.2007 :

DotBot version 1.09 is released!

Added - SAVEGAME !! Save and load games for each user profile.
Fixed - Double bullet-add-delay
Fixed - Possible bug stopping dead ghosts coming back to life
Fixed - Bad magnet reset
Fixed - Bonus round fruits now score points again
Fixed - Reference to buying pocmon in dotbot demo
Fixed - Url in full version pointing to pocmon site
Changed - Maze drawing optimised
Changed - The way scores are synced

12.09.2007 :

DotBot version 1.08 is released!

Added - Profile button to title screen options
Added - Mouse control, primarily for kids mode but available in all other modes too
Added - BadBots will head to a control point every so often
Added - Profile message if tab or option selected in anything but single player mode
Added - Rotation option for parts in extra options
Added - Cool new Magnet bonus
Added - AI Mode ON/OFF options for mouse on controls screen
Added - Arrows on DotBot when using AI mode for mouse control
Fixed - Fruits not showing in some circumstances
Fixed - Bonus icons appearing out of place
Fixed - Drunk bonus now effects last player in duel multiplayer games
Fixed - Selecting 2 player mode actually left it in single player in some circumstances
Fixed - Pressing escape from the initial profile window stopped you opening it again
Fixed - Counting of EXTRA gained in profile
Fixed - Counting of bombs used in profile
Fixed - Control settings weren't saved correctly
Fixed - Take turns mode now shows "press fire to start" when changing player
Fixed - Profiles disabled if not in single player mode
Fixed - Playlist bug at level 100-101
Fixed - Fire button, escape, ctrl and left mouse can now all cancel the level 100 picture
changed - Many sounds, new voice
changed - Blue time on BadBots reduces slower across levels now. Time will eventually be zero








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