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Warblade - the classic arcade shoot'em up game! Home of Warblade - Deluxe Galaga - Deluxe Pacman

Warblade F.A.Q.

A:  Warblade is a PC shoot'em up arcade game. It's loosly based on Galaga and is the PC version of Deluxe Galaga that I made for the Amiga. Deluxe Galaga was voted in on the TOP 100 GAMES of all time for the Amiga. It got to #19, all the other games on the list was commercial games, except 1 other; Deluxe pacMan also made by me.
A:  I don't know. I just thought it was a cool name. The blade of war... originally spelled it WarBlade. The name has nothing to do with any comic characters.
A:  You will need at least a PIII 300MHz, 64MB RAM, and 16MB graphics card to run the game. Recommended PC is 1000MHz, 128MB RAM and a graphics card with 64MB RAM and 3D acceleration. You will also need at least 16 MB free space on the harddisk. Sound card is not needed. The better PC you have the better the game will perform. (I use a P4 3.2GHz OC > 4.0GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 256MB ATI X800XT PCIe, Terratec Aureon 7.1 Universe sound card, 19" monitor. DirectX forced to 120Hz and the game is running in 32 bit mode and is VERY smooth!!!!)
A:  You should be able to play Warblade on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. You must have DirectX installed!
A:  To play Warblade you must have DirectX 8.1 or later installed. Visit or check any new computer magazines cover CD or DVD
A:  No you don't.
A:  No, but the game will look more up to date with a 3D card.
A:  No. Windows NT4.0 does not support higher the DirectX 3.0 (as far as I know)
A:  You should install all extra level packs and time trial levels to the same directory that you installed Warblade. (default is C:\program files\warblade\) If you want to copy the files yourself, you must copy the files to the \data directory in the Warblade directory.
A:  To help me find out if there is bug, please send me the file 'warblade.dbg'. You will find it in the same directory as you installed Warblade. Send it to me via email (
A:  First: check if you use the latest login info. (You should receive this in an email from me)
Select the text (Only the letters in the userID, password and email address, not any of the white spaces at the start or end of the text) with the mouse, press CTRL+C to copy the text, switch over to the web page with the login and click in the correct textbox, (UserID box for user ID and so on... ) press CTRL+V to paste the copied text into the textbox. Do the same with the password and email address. If this do not work for you, contact me.
A:  The merge hiscore function can be used to merge two different hiscore files together and get a new one with the best scores from the two hiscores files. The resulting new hiscore file can be send by email to a friend. You can only merge two hiscores files from the same Warblade versions (2 Demo hiscores or 2 Full version hiscores)
A:  If you are still in the game you can press the key F8. This will start the Hiscore submit tool. With this program you can select a hiscore entry and click on the 'Submit Selected Hiscore' button. Your hiscore will then be sent to the online Hall of Fame and added if it's good enough!
A:  I was afraid I would get the law*** of *#&#% knocking on my door. They started taking all that made something sounding like g***** to court, so I thought a change of name would be the best.
A:  This message means you have the wrong levels library for your version of the game. Either you have a full version game and are using the demo levels library or you have a demo game and uses the full version levels library. Delete the files in the warblade\data folder and reinstall the game.
A:  You can change the music, either MP3 or MOD music by doing this: You must copy your top MP3's (or MOD files) to the Warblade directory and rename them like this.

Title Music: Title.mp3 or for MOD, Title.mus
In game Music: warblade.MP3 or for MOD, warblade.mus
Hiscore Music: hiscore.MP3 or for MOD, hiscore.mus
Memorystation Music: memory.MP3, or for MOD, memory.mus
Meteorstorm Music: meteor.MP3, or for MOD, meteor.mus
Promoted Music: promoted.MP3, or for MOD, promoted.mus
Big Trouble Music: boss.MP3, or for MOD, boss.mus
Gems Music: gems.MP3, or for MOD, gems.mus

You may to backup the original files first!
A:  The simple collision detection is based on overlapping rectangles. Each object (An alien, a bullet or a bonus icon) has a rectangle that gfx of the object is inside. If two object's rectangles are overlapping (one of them is inside the other one) the collision state is set to true.

The advanced collision detection is based on overlapping pixels and the simple detection. If the simple detection is true, it will start testing if any pixels in the two objects is overlapping. If one pixel is overlapping another pixel in the other object the collision is a fact.
A:  No! If the only new thing is a updated warblade beta, then you only need to download the smaller executable update.
A:  Warblade is made in C++ (Mostly C and some C++), and a little bit of assembler. I use MS Visual Studio 6.
A:  Each user of the game can create his or here's personal profile and use this profile each time they play the game. In the profiles all sorts of statistics are recorded and used to unlock features in the game. e.g. One lock can open up and enable autofire from the start of the game, without catching any bonuses. There are many locks! The profiles is password protected. The user ID you select to use is also automatically entered as the name in the an hiscore entry.
A:  You have to install or reinstall DirectX 8.1 or later. You can download DirectX 8.1 or later at or maybe find it on a new computer magazine's cover CD or DVD.
A:  The price for the full verison of Warblade is US$20.00 You can use online payment (PayPal, Kagi, Share-it or RegNow) or send registration fee directly to me. You must supply a valid email address! This email address will be used only to email you the information needed to log in to a protected download page. I can not send you the files via email!

I can NOT supply you Warblade on CD or DVD!



eMail :        Copyright  2005  -  EMV Software      12 167 946

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