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Warblade is an arcade shoot'em up game. It is a PC remake of an old Amiga game that I made. It was called Deluxe Galaga. Deluxe Galaga may look a little bit like the old arcade game Galaga, and have some game features that can resemble Galaga. But as I had never played Galaga (The arcade version) when I made Deluxe Galaga, it is mostly made up of my own ideas and designs (With a lot of help and useful tips from the users of DG).



Introduced in 1981 as a sequel to Galaxian, Galaga still enjoys widespread popularity today despite its age. In addition to original machines that still pull in quarters, the current "retro-gaming" phenomenon has introduced a whole new wave of fans to it, as well as its sequel, Gaplus (a.k.a Galaga 3). Another sequel, Galaga '88, was released, as well as a 3-D sequel to Galaxian called Galaxian 3. Years later, a version of Galaga appeared in one of the Namco Arcade Classic machines.
Deluxe Galaga

The basic concept of the game is just like most other shootemups of the 'Galagaish' persuasion. You pilot your ship back and forth at the bottom of the screen, shooting down waves of descending aliens. The more waves you clear, the harder they get. There are 'boss' aliens and 'sub-boss' aliens as well as the standard fodder aliens.


Since it's a PC version of the Amiga game, it looks very similar to the Amiga game and the first 75 levels are almost identical to the Amiga version. But there are a lot of new features and game objects added. The graphics have been updated from the 32 colour Amiga version to 32bit, full colour versions on the PC. It uses some of the new possibilities that a powerful pc graphics card can offer. Fast blitting with rotation and scaling, alphablended gfx for flare effects. Lots of new secrets are added. New subgame and a powerful profile system that will unlock new features as you progress through the game

Some of the game elements

Stopping the alien bugs

You must aim and shoot with your current mounted weapon and try to destroy the alien bugs before they can fire their deadly bullets and kill you.

Getting the bonuses

When an alien bug is destroyed it will from time to time drop a bonus item that will fall down the screen. Collect this for new weapons, extra bullets, money and lots of other cool stuff.



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