Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I start the game it is running very slow!!
A: The game starts up and will try to use OpenGL to do it's graphics bits. On some graphics cards OpenGL is very slow. Go to the options in the game and select DirectX. Apply changes and hopefully the game will have a better speed now.
UPDATED! Game will now start in DirectX mode and first try 32bit mode, if it can not open a 32 bit window it will go down to 16 bit and try again.

Q: I'm getting slowdowns when there is lots of effects going on!
A: Try switching to OpenGL. With good graphics card drivers the game is much smoother when using OpenGL. Also turn OFF options that would slow down the frame rate - like shadows and backgrounds.

Q: I can not submit my hiscores!!
A: If you got any firewall programs running, you must allow PocMon.exe to access the internet in the allow listings for the firewall program.

Q: I have allowed Deluxe PocMon to access the internet and yet I can not submit my hiscores!!
A: You can only submit the top 5 hiscors in each hiscore table and you must wait 60 seconds between each time you submit
a new hiscore.

Q: Why can't we play 4 player team mode ?
A: 4 players would sail through all the levels. At first we didn't even include 3 player teams !!

Q: What new things can we expect in the game ?
A: Many things are planned but of course none are promised till they are in the game. Such as more secrets, more bonus rounds, kids mode and possibly network support.

Q: Are there other ways to pay ?
A: You can pay by cash or bank transfer too. These options are much slower! Cash can be sent to

Edgar M Vigdal
6875 Høyheimsvik

Or you can transfer the money directly to my bank account:

Luster Sparebank
6868 Gaupne


Konto nummer: 3785.10.05774
Account # (IBAN) : NO 11 3785 1005 774
Edgar M Vigdal

PLEASE!! Remember to send me an email about your payment so I can check the bank. They are very slow at sending out receipts on payments i have received!

Q: Why can't i download the game any more ?
A: Downloads are available for a 2 week period. Please back up your downloaded copy. If you need another download email me and I will give you another download period.

Q: I've adjusted some options and now i can't see or load the game ?
A: Delete your options file to go back to the default options. Its located in the games data folder and named "options.DAT"

Q: Is Deluxe PocMon a PacMan clone?
A: No! Deluxe PocMon is my personal PC version of my old Amiga game Deluxe PacMan. Deluxe PacMan was inspired by the old Commodore game Jelly Monsters (I think it was called that... it was back in the good old 80's) I have actually never played PacMan on an arcade machine! Only played it a few years ago on M.A.M.E.

Q: Is there a Mac version of the game?
A: Yes! Deluxe PocMon is now for both Intel based and PowerPC based MAC's! Universal build

Q: Does Deluxe PocMon work on Windows Vista ?
A: I have tested the game on Windows Vista Ultimate and it worked just fine! Remember to update your graphics card drivers!!

Q: Where is the code for the forum ?
A: The code is on the forum link in menu above. It's used to prevent spambots from using forum to post spam.


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