Deluxe PocMon version 1.13 FULL is released

Added - New web routines to prevent HOF related crashes when submitting/getting data many times
Fixed - Life or health modes when playing in multiplayer mode
Fixed - Load/Save exploit
Changed - Made my own RectFill function to fix crash problems on Mac
Changed - Made my own LineDraw function to fix crash problems on Mac
Changed - Drunk mode removed from kids mode
Changed - Moved the data storage folder (hiscores, options, saves, profiles) to pocmon_data in the user folder on Mac
NB// In order to keep your saves, profiles, scores etc. you must copy the old files from inside the old program package to the new data folder location. These are pocmon.his, profiles_??.dat, options_??.dat and any SAVEGAME???.dat files. When this is done you should then download and play this new version.


Deluxe PocMon version 1.12 FULL is released

Added - Sound effect to pill adder laying pills
Fixed - Mouse graphic re-added to package
Fixed - Sound effect on scoreboard switching buttons and keys
Fixed - Start points not saving correctly
Fixed - Crashreportsender (new version added)
Fixed - Crashreportsender looks in correct place now for crash report file (stops multiple window issue on vista)
Fixed - Bombs now work after loading a savegame
Fixed - Sound on main menu buttons on mouseover
Changed - Submit will now only ever submit your top score (used to be top 5 scores)
Changed - Few sound effects
Changed - Now using BASS library for all sound and music

29.04.2008 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.10 Full is released

Added - Sounds to secret stars
Fixed - Various level issues
Fixed - Bonus score after bonus level 10 stays on max now
Fixed - Corrected number of bonus levels that need to be completed before secret levels are enabled
Fixed - Fruits bonuses keep going up after level 100 now
Fixed - Secret levels now unlock during play when requirements are completed
Fixed - Clicking thru score lists ingame, they now loop around
Changed - A few power pill placements
Changed - Secret markers for 1st secret level (easier)

13.10.2007 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.09 Full is released

Added - SAVEGAME !! See new section just before credits
Fixed - Double bullet-add-delay
Fixed - Possible bug stopping dead ghosts coming back to life
Fixed - Bonus round fruits now score points again
Changed - Maze drawing optimised
Changed - The way scores are synced

19.08.2007 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.08 Full is released

Added - Profile button to title screen options
Added - Mouse control, primarily for kids mode but available in all other modes too
Added - Ghosts will head to a control point every so often
Added - Profile message if tab or option selected in anything but single player mode
Fixed - Fruits not showing in some circumstances
Fixed - Bonus icons appearing out of place
Fixed - Drunk bonus now effects last player in duel multiplayer games
Fixed - Selecting 2 player mode actually left it in single player in some circumstances
Fixed - Pressing escape from the initial profile window stopped you opening it again
Fixed - Counting of EXTRA gained in profile
Fixed - Counting of bombs used in profile
Fixed - Control settings weren't saved correctly
Fixed - Take turns mode now shows "press fire to start" when changing player
Fixed - Profiles disabled if not in single player mode

16.06.2007 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.07 Full is released

Changed - Gaps between bonuses appearing (shorter)
Changed - Mac version is now a single executable file
Changed - Quit game text for Mac version
Changed - Options screen a little tidier
Changed - Crash handler slightly updated
Changed - Fireworks on high score screen
Changed - Fireworks for perfect
Changed - Loading screen
Changed - Old Computer mode is now 3 options (slow, normal, fast)
Changed - Ghost looking for Poc routines, improved them, especially for multiplayer
Changed - Ghosts AI a little for changes above
Changed - Profiles can no longer be created while ingame
Changed - Profiles must be created in single player mode
Changed - Bonuses "how to" screen to include new bonuses
Changed - Explosion effects on dynamite and bombs

Added - Online hiscore system
Added - Extra lives at certain scores
Added - More profile creation and loading checks
Added - Mousewheel scrolling to score lists
Added - Health system for all skill levels
Added - Option to use lives or health modes
Added - Clone ghost bad bonus (or is it a good bonus?)
Added - 2 new lightning bonuses
Added - PTK logo to "About" screen which also works as a link
Added - Score difference. Shows between each level if activated
Added - Extra time indicator and bonus effect
Added - Speed kill bonuses
Added - Flares for "fast pc" mode to speed kill texts
Added - Bouncing fruits with shadows for fast pc mode
Added - Shadows to ghosts, Poc, and many other things in fast mode
Added - New sounds on all fireworks
Added - Sounds to perfect fireworks
Added - More variable checks and resets on game end, new games and new levels
Added - New credits to thank our few testers

Fixed - In take turns mode when using a bomb and dying the next player could be killed
Fixed - Profile corruption
Fixed - Small or invisible ghosts after warps and freezes
Fixed - Small font glitch
Fixed - Bonus round bug causing lives to be lost
Fixed - A possible game lockup bug
Fixed - M3u loading bug with very large playlists
Fixed - Some other possible m3u related crash bugs
Fixed - Bug in the crashreport tool (new version included)
Fixed - Some texts on "extra options" screen
Fixed - Duplicate scores showing in mixedlists sometimes
Fixed - Ghosts staying away from Poc in multiplayer take turn modes

22.04.2007 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.06 Full is released

Changed - Screen mode detection and zoom mode for larger resolutions
Changed - Moved arrows on hall of fame screen
Changed - Shortened some sounds

Added - MAC version released. Called v1.06 to keep numbers in line
Added - Profile system, ranks and locks. (10 profiles max. allowed)
Added - M3U Playlist loading
Added - Kids and Ace modes
Added - New level skip bonus
Added - Pulsing to the highlighted scores in HOF
Added - Loading song text when next mp3 loads
Added - MAC version info to this manual

Fixed - Mouseover on buttons responds perfectly now
Fixed - Looping sounds routines - To fix some issues when exiting game
Fixed - Ghosts no longer track Poc while in jail. Should speed up their exit
Fixed - Problems with bullet optimisation system
Fixed - Endgame tune not fully playing
Fixed - All 4 players scores entered to HOF are now highlighted properly
Fixed - Almost 500 compile errors and discovered and fixed a few related bugs
Fixed - Reset Poc info when drunk bonus is removed
Fixed - Volume problems while sounds are muted

31.01.2007 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.05 is released

Changed - The way lives are displayed. None at bottom means no lives left
Changed - Perfects in team mode can be gotten by all players now

Added - Sharing of lives, bombs and EXTRA in team modes

Fixed - More level edits, some pill colour changes and wall changes
Fixed - Edited levels from last version now added
Fixed - Error checking for new hiscores and resetting last entered hiscores
Fixed - Extra life given to correct player in team modes (now useless)
Fixed - Player resetting fixed in team modes when life picked up
Fixed - Position of pill clearer effects when in zoom mode
Fixed - Start levels should now be ok for all players
Fixed - Perfect bonus now requires you to NOT lose a life as well
Fixed - Circuit tileset improved, some others too
Fixed - Check for release of ESC key when pausing or quitting the game

23.01.2007 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.04 is released

Changed - Hint frequency raised to 35%
Changed - Highscore entry and pochint moved up a bit. Tidies that screen
Changed - All levels have 4 ghosts and 4 pills now
Changed - Filled in some ghost homes to improve ghosts home time
Changed - Ghosts home time adjusted. Red slightly longer Blue slightly shorter

Added - Players can now carry up to 3 timed bonuses
Added - New bonus clock. Lets you keep bonuses for longer
Added - Buffered keyboard input
Added - 2 more voice fx

Fixed - Music stopping during demo mode
Fixed - Scoreboard now DOES show the correct level number
Fixed - Fruits missing from level 95
Fixed - Startpoint flare uses a smaller one enlarged, not a large one shrunk
Fixed - OldPC mode disables the dimming background when selecting startpoint
Fixed - Startpoints and multiplayer modes
Fixed - A pause for the scoreboard after first name entry
Fixed - Speed of ghosts and players when using a startpoint
Fixed - If a player didn't make the HOF then players after were also skipped
Fixed - All ghosts are as smart as the smartest when dead and heading home
Fixed - A higher "smell of home" when a path back to home is found
Fixed - Ghost must stay home time is now paused when game is paused
Fixed - The displaying of the fruits. Were cut by 1 pixel at top and left
Fixed - Dynamite killing ghosts in home or not killing ghosts outside home
Fixed - Found a bug in switching ticking and shield hum sounds on or off
Fixed - Level start points could sometimes be very very slow
Fixed - smoother edges on hall of fame temple
Fixed - Zoom mode problem on tiles and curtain in 16bit DX mode
Fixed - Alpha mask on the gem bonus a bit
Fixed - Dead player brought back to life on levels later than he died on
Fixed - Score highlighting is now only reset if a new hiscore is found

14.01.2007 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.03 is released

Changed - Scoring on bonus rounds adjusted so they are worth playing
Changed - Edited a few tiles, adjusted colours on some
Changed - Some levels adjusted slightly for better layout
Changed - Ability to use usermusic removed from demo
Changed - Max Speedup value, rate of increase and rate of decrease
Changed - Max slowdown value, rate of decrease and rate of increase
Changed - Size of font used for level number
Changed - Order of bonus rounds. Harder ones placed later

Added - Save points at levels 25, 50 and 75
Added - Version number added to "about" screen
Added - Usermusic folder plus small text file now created on install
Added - Arrows on HOF screens
Added - New icons for text files and internet links
Added - Total levels played counter now counts "other" level types
Added - Replaced some level tile graphics
Added - Some new vocals
Added - PgUp and PgDn now alter sfx volume ingame
Added - END key now mutes all game sound ingame
Added - Endgame hints system
Added - Transparency to tilesets and nice backdrops to levels
Added - New 3 way option for backdrops. Off, Static or Moving

Fixed - Small bug on stars when using zoom mode
Fixed - Score shown when killing a ghost with Laser or Gun
Fixed - Number of digits for level number in hall of fame
Fixed - In team mode the bonus for each ghost when blue is now correct
Fixed - If a level doesn't have fruits or bonuses then those sounds won't play
Fixed - Quitting game with a shield on leaves shield sound playing over titles
Fixed - Zoom text bug (PTK bug found and worked around)
Fixed - Now should stop all sounds on game exit
Fixed - Some texts missing due to it being drawn in the wrong colour
Fixed - Ghosts not flashing from blue to normal colour (hopefully)
Fixed - Mouse placement on first "how to play" screen
Fixed - 1 million bonus at end of level
Fixed - Some people got stuck on the HOF screen
Fixed - Bonus round counter counting down when paused
Fixed - Music now pauses when using escape ingame to pause
Fixed - Screenshot folder now created in game folder and files saved as jpg
Fixed - Dead players got bonus round in team games
Fixed - Data folder was duplicated in install script
Fixed - Level counter disappearing
Fixed - Ghosts cannot go home when blue
Fixed - Ghosts don't leave home if killed in home
Fixed - Properly removed laser from demo and fixed random bonus selection
Fixed - Correct speeds for all players in multiplayer modes
Fixed - Flare colours on green and purple ghosts going home
Fixed - Level 36 in easy and normal modes

22.12.2006 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.02 is released
- Some small bugs
- Ghosts will leave home a little bit faster
- Dark walls on game exit carried to next game
- Game resources now packed in with game
- Installer updated

18.12.2006 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.01 is released
- DirectX is now the default video mode
- Bonus round text adjusted
- Files being saved to desktop fixed
- Highscores filled up with names and scores
- Pocs mouth anim speeded up
- Game completion bug fixed
- Level counter added

16.12.2006 :

Deluxe PocMon version 1.0 is released!


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