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Most Addictive Game

Awarded to Warblade by Edgar M Vigdal

"My main measurement here is how much time disappeared before, during and after reviewing these games. To that extent, Warblade is the clear winner. Finally getting to try out those laser beams took a lot of play but was very enjoyable."

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"From Norway comes an outstanding 2D shooter, Warblade, presenting the simple goal of using your CryTech Delta Fighter to eradicate all the aliens in sight. To upgrade, you collect bonus items dropped by certain aliens when they are destroyed. This offering contains 100 levels, and every fourth level there is a shop where you can buy ship upgrades, power-ups, or new weapons. You have at your disposal both single-player and two-player modes (two players either take turns to play or compete for the most points), as well as a time trial mode (where you have three minutes to get the highest score). Two sub-games appear inside Warblade: Memory Station, where you match tiles with the aim of increasing the total grid size and your bonus points; and Meteor Storm, where you navigate through a field of floating rocks and can pick up extra bonus points and extra cash from bonus items. There are four levels of difficulty, lots of user-controllable options, and wonderful visuals and sound."

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"Scouring the net for hidden gaming treasures can be a rewarding experience."

"Scouring the net for hidden gaming treasures can be a rewarding experience. Tucked into dark little corners and humbly residing within faraway realms lie some digital masterpieces of gaming brilliance, undisturbed by the trampling masses and unrestricted by the limitations of big-budget productions. Over the next few months PC Gameworld is going to be taking a closer look at the glut of freeware and shareware games that litter the globe, and we’re going to select and feature the ones that stand out from the rest. The works of art that deserve recognition from the crowd through sheer quality and playability.

First up is Warblade. The brainchild of coding genius Edgar Vigdal, this is a top-down shooter that belongs to the Space Invaders bloodline, but transcends its numerous forebears with ease.

Fast-paced action is the theme here, with ever-increasing swarms of progressively tough enemies ceaselessly assaulting your fragile little spaceship, leaving you short of breath and with aching fingers as you dextrously manoeuvre through the barrages of laser death being hurled in your direction. The sheer number of enemies on-screen at any one time makes this a relentless and unforgiving experience. But that is precisely what will keep drawing you back again and again; the ridiculously addictive joy of ripping through serried ranks of alien scum with your dinky little craft, fully aware that the mere slip of a finger could be liable for your instant transformation into a burning wreck. You start the game with a little peashooter to blow the enemies away, but this can gradually be upgraded to firepower that can only be described as ‘weapons of mass destruction’. The beefiest of these super-weapons is a gigantic plasma cannon that can annihilate hundreds of ships per second, and even more with the right upgrades.

To add flavour to the formula, there are a whole host of power-ups to be scavenged from the carcasses of your fallen opponents, with wildly varying effects. Some change your firepower, some give you money, and some increase your ship’s stats, such as speed. My favourite power-up is Scoop, which allocates two enemies to fight by your side, effectively tripling your firepower.

Possibly the most endearing aspect of Warblade is its complete unpredictability. Playing the game one time might grant you a few decent weapons early on, and plenty of cash to aid your progress. But the next time you could scrape narrowly through the levels with little assistance, relying solely on razor sharp wits and observation to ensure your survival.

Further variety is added by two little sub-games that surface at fairly regular intervals. The first is Meteorstorm, a nerve-wracking test of raw impulsive reflexes, throwing speeding meteors at you with little respite. Inordinately satisfying to complete, and applying more speed gives you an even bigger bonus at the end. The other little sub-game is Memorystation, which is just a giant game of pairs. Finding two icons of the same type will grant you various rewards, and finding all the pairs will give you an extra bonus. Nothing special, but a pleasant breather from the non-stop action outside.

From the title screen right up to the end credits, Warblade simply reeks of quality. Great graphics, sublime sound, perfect playability and addictive action. A hefty accomplishment for a shareware title that was crafted entirely by an individual and his small team of devoted helpers. Warblade is a perfect reason to give more attention to the delights that a shareware game can offer. An undiluted slice of arcade action that offers an experience purer than virgin snow. A worthy masterpiece, and something that’ll keep you coming back for more.

But don’t just take my word for it. Download the trial now and experience its unique appeal for yourself at the link below."

Article by Adam Shirley
Jan 12, 2005

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"This remake of the classic space-shooter game Galaga preserves the original idea while adding a number of user-customizable features. As in Galaga, your job in Warblade is to shoot down incoming hordes of enemy ships. However, in this iteration, you can earn money to purchase additional weapons and powers. Although we thought the graphics were rather primitive, they do lend a certain feel of nostalgia. Despite the game's simple gameplay, we enjoyed Warblade, and we especially appreciated the relatively large feature set. You can adjust the music, the volume, and change the voice of the commentator. The game also lets you reconfigure the keyboard controls, alter various aspects of the background's appearance, play against a friend, and optimize the graphics for different types of computers. If you're a fan of Galaga, Space Invaders, or similar games, it's a safe bet Warblade won't let you down."

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Gold Star Award

Graphics 90%
Sound 79%
Playability 95%
Longevity 75%

"Long ago, when arcade machines had joysticks instead of light guns and cost a few pence, there was a game called Galaga. It was very like Space Invaders at first glance, with your ship at the bottom shooting at rows of aliens above you. But while the aliens in Space Invaders marched fixedly downwards, in Galaga the aliens could break formation and zoom towards you!

Warblade is Galaga brought into the twenty-first century. The basic game has been polished and redesigned until it shines like a golden nugget sparkling in a river bed. Constantly being tweaked and checked it is still in the beta stage as I write this, yet I expect it is very nearly complete. It is certainly hard to see what else needs to be done.

The game plays much the same - rows of aliens above, your spaceship shooting up at them from below. Occasionally they zoom towards you kamikaze style. There are several new features, however, including the typical shooter powerups such as speedups, weapon upgrades and money to spend at the shop. Less typical are the subgames such as the memorystation game and the meteor dodging round.

But the biggest changes are obvious as soon as you start the game. Smooth animation and rendered graphics have evidently been given a lot of care. The game is adaptable and will adjust to your hardware. The sound, too, has received a lot of attention and plays well. The background music fits the game well and doesn't intrude upon the gameplay.

The controls are very simple. You can move left and right, and fire. Apart from occasionally needing to use the Up and Down keys to select things that's about it. Rather than limiting the game, it makes it easier to grasp. And less complicated to remember than the million keypresses I've seen in some games.

Warblade is a fast paced shooter which combines new ideas and technology with a classic concept nearly every game player has heard of. Simple to learn yet challenging enough to keep you playing for quite some time. More, please!"

Some user reviews

Big Snyder "An Amiga classic even better!"

EVOlution "Fantastic "old school" shoot-em-up!"

9572AD "A Gamers' Game"


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